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Why Little Sunshine Learning Center At Foothills?


Located in the heart of Napa Valley, California, Little Sunshine Learning Center at Foothills is minutes away from St. Helena Hospital and The Haven Napa Valley SDA Church.  Little Sunshine Learning Center is just miles away from shopping, food, and entertainment, as well as Pacific Union College, Napa Valley’s only 4-year college.  Foothills is a fitting choice for working parents in the area.


Little Sunshine Learning Center is dedicated to each child’s safety.  Our school is nestled in Deer Park, CA, a small community in the Napa Valley.  Our facility is gated so that the children can play safely.  It is locked each morning after 8:30 a.m.  Visitors are required to enter the building through the front entrance, which is also locked.  A ring of the doorbell will allow visitor access.

The safety of each child enrolled at Little Sunshine Learning Center is our number one priority.  Our teachers follow California State ratio guidelines, and each classroom has its own ratios.  Infants (birth to 18 months): 1 adult to 4 children; toddlers (18 to 36 months) 1 adult to 6 children; preschool (ages 36 months to 5 years) 1 adult to 12 children.  Children enrolled at Little Sunshine Learning Center will never be left without adult supervision and teachers are always in ratio.

Developmentally Rich

Little Sunshine Learning Center implements a curriculum with an eclectic approach to introduce learning concepts into the daily program.  Each teacher brings his or her own unique and special talents.  Core Knowledge and CreationKids form the foundation of the school curriculum.

What you can expect: Social Skills taught weekly, such as listening and waiting your turn.  Teachers also have monthly themes for the children to focus on, such as butterflies and water safety.  For a list of social skills and monthly themes, please feel free to contact the teacher directly, since these themes change every year.

Field trips and theme days are also incorporated into the curriculum to enrich the student experience.  These can include trips to see live shows at the Luther Burbank Center, visits to a local pumpkin patch, and even a ferry ride to the aquarium.  Parent or guardian participation is required for safety reasons.  If a parent cannot attend, children who stay at the school will be cared for during the duration of the trip.

Love Filled

Our school foundation begins with Christ, who is the center of all things, and the creator of love.  We stress the joy of living each day and celebrate the wonder of each child’s individuality.  We help each child to develop a positive attitude about him/herself and we strive to educate the whole child: physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially by providing successful learning experiences.  Prayer is a daily component of our program, as well as teaching children conflict resolution through peaceful and loving modeling and examples.  Each child is treated with respect and valued to the fullest.


Little Sunshine Learning Center is located at Foothills in Deer Park, CA, with a population of approximately 1,300 people.  The school is in a quiet and quaint setting, in a residential area and within walking distance of a small farm where the children can view different species of animals.

Integrated with Foothills Adventist Schools

Little Sunshine Learning Center is located on the same campus as Foothills Adventist Elementary, and together educate infants through eighth grade.  Having the preschool on the same campus as the elementary school means each child has the potential to have a quality education on the same campus for over a decade.  Pacific Union College Preparatory School, which serves grades 9-12, is just a few miles away in Angwin.

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