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Junior High, Grades 7 & 8

Foothills supports our students along their educational journey by making sure that each child is prepared for the next stage in learning.  Our multi-grade classrooms allow flexibility in making sure that each child experiences a continued perfect placement. Our junior high program is perfect for children who have successfully mastered the basic building blocks of reading, writing, and math; are becoming more independent learners; and are thinking critically about who they want to be.

Learning focus      

The goal of the junior high program is to help students succesfully make a smooth transition to high school with academic success and a positive self-image. This goal is met through a three year program of content area math, language arts, science, history, Bible, and study skills development. Students complete in-depth research projects, write persuassive essays, build algebraic thinking, and much more. LEGO robotics and Ozobot activities are just some of the ways our students are introduced to coding and other 21st century skills.


Because it is our mission to provide an excellent school program in which children are able “To increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man;” we have chosen to use only high-quality curriculae that meet or exceed the NAD Education Standards and common core state standards.

  • Religion/Bible: SDA Bible Series, Pacific Press
  • Mathematics: Go Math for 6th Grade, Larsen Big Ideas for 7th-8th Grade, Houghton Mifflin
  • Reading/Writing: Pathways, Kendall Hunt Publishers
  • Technology: Typing Pal
  • Physical Education: Spark Physical Education
  • Science: By Design Science, Kendall Hunt Publishers
  • Social Studies: Newtworks Social Studies, McGraw-Hill
  • Art: ArtsAttack

Hours and daily schedule

The junior high program runs from 8:15-3:30 Monday-Thursday, and until 12:30 on Friday. Here is a typical schedule: Coming Soon

Field trips

Field trips provide experiential learning that is not ordinarily available in the classroom. Field trips are integrated into the curriculae to support learning objectives. Several field trips include: Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, iFly Physics, National Heirloom Seed Festival, and more.

Outdoor education

Foothills incorporates an active outdoor education program into our yearly curriculum. We believe that students benefit from a more intimate knowledge of the natural world, and that such knowledge can best be gained from first-hand experience. Such experiences will enlarge one's understanding of God and held establish an appreciation of the wonders of nature.

In year's past students have participated in week-long learning experiences at Camp Wawona located in Yosemite National Park and at Leoni Meadows Camp in California's Gold Country. Junior high students also get to experience short back-packing trips and a combo spiritual emphasis ski trip to Mount Shasta ski park.


An education in music provides an opportunity for cognitive development that no other school subject offers. Music uniquely combines right brain and left brain activities resulting in total brain development. Junior high students participate in twice weekly band lessons with our music teacher and classroom choir and small groups in addition to daily worship.

Gardening program            

The junior high program is piloting an integrated science garden program under Mr. Henry’s leadership. It’s goal is to teach children how to raise their own healthy food while benefiting our school hot lunch program and school families. Students have been tasked with finding ways to apply what they’re learning in the garden in their other subjects wether it is using math to plot plantings and measuring growth, connecting patterns in crop cultivation and irrigation throughout history, or finding ways food growing programs can help communities in social studies.

The garden area was first prepared by testing the soil and adding special amendments to make it perfect for growing. Students have experimented with several planting and watering methods. The garden project is always looking for helpers to keep up with its maintenance and teach students new skills. Speak with Mr. Henry if you’re interested in helping out.

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