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Growing Socially

Because it is our mission to provide an excellent school program in which children are able “To increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man;” we teach our students that we increase in favor with our fellow man by serving our community and making a difference as Jesus did. We teach the importance of not only learning to get along, but to give back to your community as well. 

Social growth can't be quantified like academic achievements, mere numbers aren't enough to communicate the change that our students experience by being on a campus where everyone knows your name and high-fives are frequently shared. We invite you to come experience it for yourself by visiting our campus! Here are some of the many ways our students are growing socially:

Practicing Conflict Resolution

Our students learn and practice conflict resolution skills in the classroom and on the playground.  They are actively trained in Olweus Bullying Prevention.

Serving Our Community

Our students work to improve the community they live in, focusing on making connections with community members of all ages through service projects that encourage meaningful relationships.

Learning to Lead

Our students graduate prepared to lead in a variety of settings.  They have the skills to work with people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs.  We reinforce those early leadership lessons in the classroom and on the playground.  Engaging students to take responsibility for their learning is just the beginning!


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