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Growing Physically

Because it is our mission to provide an excellent school program in which children are able “To increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man;” we have chosen to implement programs that teach children how to lead a happy, healthy life. We teach our students that we increase in stature by making healthy choices that honor our bodies as God’s temple.

The Seventh-day Adventist church has long been associated with a positive health message. We believe we have been called upon to live as positive examples of God’s love and care. Part of that example includes taking care of our health—we believe God calls us to care for our bodies, treating them with the respect a divine creation deserves. Good health is a gift from a loving God who wants us to live life in its abundance. When we benefit from such love, we feel a sense of gratitude and appreciation toward our creator. Because of this, Adventists choose to praise God with joyful living.

Foothills is located just two minutes from the campus of St. Helena Hospital and teaches many of their employees’ children. We are eager to partner with them in teaching the future of our community to live well; “healthy minds, healthy bodies, healthy relationships -- Living for Jesus!”

CREATION Kids Health Initiative

Do you dream for your child to to have not only an academically excellent education, but also a happy, healthy life? Foothills is pleased to teach our students habits that will help them learn how to lead a happy, healthy life. Foothills teaches the eight monthly themes of the CREATION Kids health curriculum to achieve this goal. Here are the themes for this year:

  • Introduction: God wants me to have a happy, healthy life. (August)
  • Choice: God wants me to make wise choices. (September)
  • Rest: God wants me to get good rest. (October)
  • Environment: God wants me to create good spaces inside with with fresh air and sunlight, low anxiety and stress, and a balanced life. (November)
  • Environment: God wants me to create good spaces outside by keeping a safe and clean environment, and being of service and helpful in our community. (December)
  • Activity: God wants me to be active inside and out, mentally and physically. (January)
  • Trust: God wants me to trust in Him. (February)
  • Interpersonal Relationships: God wants me to be there and care for my family and friends. (March)
  • Outlook: God wants me to be happy and think positive thoughts by keeping a growth mindset. (April)
  • Nutrition: God wants me to fill up and eat nutritious food. (May)
  • Creation Celebration: The power of choice in leading a happy, healthy life. (June)​

For more information on the CREATION Kids Health Program please visit creationhealth.com.

Doctor Day Community Programs

Each month health professionals will speak to students, parents, and our community on the monthly CREATION Kids Health theme. This speaker will provide a concise introduction to the theme’s importance and lead out in a brief Q & A session. Parents and community visitors are encouraged to come, participate, and eat brown bag lunches with us on the playground. Please join us!

Exercise & Staying Active

Part of our "educating the whole child" approach means that learning extends to the outdoor classroom as well. Research supports not only the importance of regular exercise on children's health, but also the role it plays in helping kids focus and learn during the school day. Living an active lifestyle fits our focus on ingraining life long habits for health. At Foothills, all students participate in daily exercise and recess opportunities.

Foothills uses the nationally recognized SPARK Physical Education program for getting our students active. SPARK was cited in the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report as a “School based solution to our nation’s health care crisis” and has received high remarks from the U.S. Department of Education. The focus of the program is to grow students physically by getting active as soon as possible each day by engaging in fitness activities and learning skills like dribbling a basketball, or throwing a football. 

At Foothills we believe in recess for all! Research shows that unstructured play time and recess are important components of growing socially and growing physically. Recess advocates include the American Association for the Child's Right to Play, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and many more. Besides the opportunity to get exercise, proponents say, recess offers social and emotional benefits as children dream up ideas and resolve conflicts during play. 

Food to Fuel Learning

 Because it is our mission to provide an excellent school program in which children are able “To increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man;” we have chosen to implement a Food to Fuel Learning expectation. While Foothills recognizes each family’s choice on nutrition and lunches, students will be encouraged to eat healthy growing foods and drink plenty of fresh water during the school day.

Healthy meals and snacks support our school’s mission to help students “increase in wisdom and stature” especially when it comes to boosting students’ concentration, focus and cognitive function. A vast body of research shows that improved nutrition leads to increased focus and attention, improved test scores and better classroom behavior. Foothills has aligned its hot lunch program and treat policies to help support these healthy habits in children. Thank you in advance for partnering with us in providing a consistent message about the healthy habit of filling up on nutritious food and drinking plenty of water.

Gardening Pilot Program

In hopes of supporting our Food to Fuel Learning expectation, our junior high program is piloting an integrated garden science program under Mr. Henry’s leadership. It’s goal is to teach children how to raise their own healthy food while benefiting our school hot lunch program and school families. Produce not used in the school kitchen is available for our school families to pick.

The garden area was first prepared by testing the soil and adding special amendments to make it perfect for growing. Students have experimented with several planting and watering methods. The garden project is always looking for helpers to keep up with its maintenance and teach students new skills. Speak with Mr. Henry if you’re interested in helping out.

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