Growing academically
Because it is our mission to provide an excellent school program in which children are able “To increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man;” we teach our students that we increase in wisdom by expecting teachers and students to do their best in learning––and we measure success one student at a time. Here are some ways that our students are growing academically: 

Academic excellence

Advantages of multi-grade classrooms




Graphic design (yearbook)


Field trips


Outdoor education

Standardized testing (rationale)

Quarterly updates
Success by the numbers        [photo***]

***text explaining that our program puts kids on track for college prep, that the whole student approach is how we succeed, overview of success

Advantages of multi-grade classrooms        [photo***]

***one or two sentence summary of the benefits based on research (can be same as under “the foothills advantage” [at the end of the sentence a note: “To learn more about how our multi-grade classrooms can benefit your child… read more.” link to “Multi-grade Classrooms” under “elementary”]

Curricula                [photo***]

***text listing major publishers we use, noting that teachers go beyond this

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Co-curriculars             [photo***]

*text explaining how this contribute to educating the whole child

Music –– description of the what type of music education happens at each grade level. Link to outside resource on benefits of music education to overall learning

Graphic design (yearbook) –– describe benefits of program, what grade levels and who is involved

Art –– description of the what type of art education happens at each grade level. Link to outside resource on benefits of art education to overall learning

Field Trips -- these curriculum-linked, developmentally appropriate outings provide the opportunity for experiential learning not ordinarily available in the classroom. They range from learning about animals at the zoo, to conducting experiments at the Lawrence Hall of Science, to studying physics as they enter the wind tunnel at iFly.

Gardening –– description of how this is integrated into healthy living and curricula, who does it and how much

Outdoor education –– these outdoor outings are incoroprated into our yearly curriculum because we believe that children benefit from intimate knowledge of the natural world, a knowledge gained by experiencing the outdoors first hand. The world of nature is “God’s second book,” and the treasures stored within its pages are invaluable. These outings range from a leaf walk down our country road, to exploring stream life, to a week long outing in Yosemite National Park.

Quarterly updates        [photo***]

*text describing updates and welcome to get updates from teachers between these times

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Standardized testing         [photo***]

*text explaining what the IA is, breadth of its use, why we use in the fall, what we do with overall results for improving overall program and with individual results to tailor individualized instruction, why we don’t use STAR testing for direct comparisons, what our typical results are

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